Sunday, July 3, 2011

How To Follow Reports From KSB's South Africa Tour

Overview of Communication Plan - Tour reports are going to come in two forms: detailed reports with pictures and other goodies on the tour website <> and quick updates via Twitter (@ksboychoir). For those of you that don't use Twitter, the Twitter feed can be found on the feed page of the tour website <> (to see the last ~4 tweets) or on the Twitter website <> (to see all of the tweets). Tour communications will also be cross-posted via several other means, as outlined below, so that you can follow the tour using your favorite form of electronic communication.

Twitter and SMS Texting - An advantage of signing up for Twitter is that you can have all of the messages that are posted on Twitter - so-called tweets - sent to your cell phone as text messages. Because the KSB Twitter account will post quick updates from the tour
you can remain up to date on all communications from the tour. To get "tweets" sent to your cell phone, you must first set up an account on Twitter. Go to the Twitter website < > and click on the prominent yellow "Sign Up" button. After clicking on the button, you will enter your name, e-mail address, a Twitter username of your choice, and a password. To receive tweets via texting, you will have to first link your cell phone to your Twitter account, and then "follow" the KSB Twitter account. You may add your cell phone to your Twitter account via web or phone . Once your cell phone is linked to your Twitter account, go to the Twitter site and click the phone icon next the "Follow" button. You should now be set to receive the latest tour info on your phone.

Facebook - Facebook fans don't despair, because we haven't forgotten you. The Community Youthchoir Marketing Committee is using two official KSB Facebook Pages (Mr. Fisher runs yet another Facebook page for alumni). The "
Keystone State Boychoir - Member Information" has been established for folks interested in the day-to-day workings of KSB, and thus will have more traffic and details about KSB operations. For tour, this account will be updated routinely to reflect the Twitter stream and new tour website content. The other Facebook page, "Keystone State Boychoir," is intended to be the public face of KSB for those that aren't actively involved in the day-to-day business of KSB. Periodic posts concerning major events and summaries of the tour activities will be posted on this account.

KSB Website - Tour information can also be followed on the Tour Page of the KSB Website.

E-mail - For those that prefer to get tour information via e-mail, a Google Group, "KSB in South Africa," has been set up. You can sign up for this Google Group using the form at the bottom of tour website home page.

Questions - Any questions about Twitter or KSB's other social media, please contact us at:

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